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Children are the future and here at InSight we believe it is never too early to learn how to connect the mind, body, and spirit, in a young and fun environment. We offer several types of classes for kids. Kids Yoga, Kids Fitness, Circus Yoga and Teen Yoga. These classes are a terrific way for young people to begin their wellness journey. We often find that those children who enroll in our kids' classes are surprised by their own capabilities. Welcome to this fun and exciting world that yoga has to offer. These special classes for kids are designed to keep them learning, fit, and have fun. 

To sign up, go to our class schedule web-page and choose the class that is right for your child. 

Group of children doing yoga exercises in kids workshop at insight yoga in Tenafly NJ


Instructor Cristy S

This is a fun, active, and upbeat class that changes week-to-week, incorporating various yoga, Pilates, and foundational fitness poses and movements, along with choreographed dancing, age-appropriate light weight conditioning, and props such as sliders and stretching bands. Pop-up karaoke dance parties have been known to happen as well!

Little children and their yoga teacher practicing yoga at insight yoga and meditation in Tenafly NJ


Instructor Cristy S

Yogalates is a fusion class which combines the stretching and flexibility of yoga, with the core building strength of Pilates. Each class will build upon the prior class, with evolving methodology, instruction, and difficulty, but only as each individual is ready; modifications will always be offered. Fun & fast-paced, Cristy also includes upbeat music, and various play elements from her Kids’ Circus Yoga classes, as well.

Group of sporty people practicing yoga lesson with instructor, doing Warrior Two pose, Vir


Instructor Stacey A

This fun yet challenging class will start with the basics of yoga, and progress each week, in strength, flexibility, endurance, and difficulty of poses. This is an ideal way for teens who are interested in learning, developing, &/or advancing their practice, all while positively impacting their bodies and minds. This class is also a great compliment for athletes, as the strength gained, along with the increased flexibility and balance, help to reduce, and possibly even prevent, sports-based injuries. Lastly, and without even realizing it, this class with help your teen to feel empowered, with decreased stress and  increased self-esteem and self-confidence, as the magic of yoga begins to impact them on all levels, and sets within them, a healthy foundation for their journey into young adulthood.

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