Yoga Instructor & Licensed Psychologist
This Life's Purpose "To Show"

It’s clear that she loves what she does. She began her yoga training during a challenging time, and has since become passionate about sharing its powerful restorative effects with her clients and students. Dr. Jenn is also the creator of  T.H.I.S. Yoga®  A comprehensive pediatric health and wellness program designed to address and promote optimal mental, social-emotional, and physical health.


Metaphysical Parapsychology Ph.D.(C)
This Life's Purpose "To Share"

What started out as quest for a spiritual awakening soon transformed into a full-blown career. Ray is a Master Certified Life Coach who teaches Spiritual Clarity Coaching®. Coaching can be one-on-one or in group sessions. Ray is the Author of "The Atheist & The Afterlife." An autobiography about his own spiritual path and awakening. Ray and Jenn created  T.H.A.T. Meditation® Practical meditational practices with purpose. To attract what you want in this lifetime, as well as change your entire experience of this world.

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Certified Trainer and  Yoga Instructor
AKA / "Stacey Yoga"

Creator of "Bad-Ass Yoga" If you haven't already heard about Stacey Yoga, you must be living under a rock. She is the private yoga instructor to the stars and we are very lucky to have her. If you are on a path to lasting personal and physical growth, she is the instructor for you.  The classes are the perfect blend of challenging and fun, bringing you a burst of positivity to carry you through your day and beyond.


Certified Mindfulness Meditation Coach
"Vibe High" with Vibrational Sound Healing

With a natural gift of putting her class into a mesmerizing, relaxing, state of mind, and a sincere passion for helping others, India has put together just the right amount of sound, vibration, and meditation, to bring you to a world of peacefulness. India is a certified mindfulness meditation coach with an accreditation from the University of Massachusetts MBSR program, headed by renowned professor Jon Kabat Zinn PhD. the creator of the Stress Reduction Clinic and the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine.

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Reiki Master & Certified Yoga Instructor
Private Reiki & Mindfulness Movement Groups

Elaine has been healing individuals with pain related injuries for over 20 years as a Licensed Physical Therapist.
She continued to deepen her practice as a Holistic Healer and became a Certified Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master
through intensive embodied training. Her sessions are curated offerings of her expertise in Mindfulness, Movement and
Meditation. She will be offering Private Reiki Treatments by appointment. In addition, Elaine will be conducting weekly
Mindfulness Movement Meditation Classes.


Senior Instructor

Joanna is an NASM certified personal trainer & Instructor since 2013 with specializations in group fitness & corrective exercise. Her class promotes building strength & endurance using body weight, resistance bands & floor slides.
Joanna routinely practices strength training, yoga, cycling & meditation and firmly believes in the mind body connection. She is excited to be a part of the Insight team!

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