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For your convenience, our group classes are all the same price and are interchangeable. All appointments are $150 per hour and are also interchangeable.

Reiki Treatment at Insight Yoga Tenafly

This ancient Japanese practice is intended to trigger your natural healing ability, reduce stress and promote deep relaxation using the practitioner as the conduit of prana, our natural life force energy. Channeling energies through the hands-on application of touch, this practice offers the transfer of energy to heal from within.

therapeutic stretching at Insight Yoga

Performed by our licensed and skilled physical therapist. Each customized session is designed to meet your specific physical needs. Benefits include reduced muscle tension, improved circulation, stimulation of the lymphatic system, reduction of stress hormones, increased joint mobility and flexibility, recovery of soft tissue injuries.

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Each week Ray will take you through a new special guided meditation, incorporating binaural beats, sound effects, and visualization techniques, all specifically designed to help the group align frequencies, hemi-synch the brain, enhancing theta brain waves for optimal learning, and stimulate the pleasure senses of the brain. You will leave giggling. These run in progression. Group 1 will be one week/step ahead of group 2. So, if you miss a session you can make up or take both. Experience the bliss.

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Children are the future and here at InSight we believe it is never too early to learn how to connect the mind, body, and spirit, in a young and fun environment. We offer three types of classes for kids. Kids Yoga, Kids Fitness, and Circus Yoga. These classes are a terrific way for young people to begin their wellness journey. We often find that those children who enroll in our kids' classes are surprised by their own capabilities. Welcome to this fun and exciting world that yoga has to offer.



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By making yoga enjoyable and empowering, Insight Yoga and Meditation offers instructor lead training programs that are uniquely designed for a wide variety of skill sets. Our programs integrate yoga poses (asanas) and breathwork as part of our holistic technique. You will thank yourself for joining us!



Our Classes are a fantastic way to help you on the path to your higher self. Join us in learning lasting techniques for mindfulness and manifestation that will bring greater joy and wellness into your life.



Insight Yoga and Meditation Workshops allow students to dive deeper into yoga, meditation and higher consciousness. The focus is on mindfulness, oneness, and finding your inner self to become the best version of yourself. It teaches us how to reconnect and rejuvenate our body and mind.



To get started with any program or should you have any questions, please contact us. We are here for you.

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